Boats & Vehicles

We currently have over 5 water craft available for hire in the UK with upto 10 more available with 7 days notice.


Including  -  3.6 Metre SIB

                -  3.8 Metre SIB

                -  5.5 Metre RIB

                -  19ft Support Boat

                -   Rigiflex 


We also have 4 vehicles for hire and 6 more ambulances with notice.


Including - Ambulance

               - Rapid Responce Vehicle

               - Un-Marked RRV

               - Quad Bike


All rescue crafts carry a first aid kit including Oxygen and Defib with the larger crafts carrying spinal boards, extra kit can also be carried and boats are backed up by RRV's Carrying full medical and evacuation kit.


To hire a rescue boat or Vehicle for your event or just for boat trips please email


Our boats are available 24/7  for search & rescue use.

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